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Are you seeking a small-group wilderness adventure off the beaten path--one that offers physical challenge, yet provides you with opportunities for reflection and solitude? Join us for an unforgettable journey to some of the world's most amazing wild places.

Since 1985, Equinox Wilderness Expeditions has explored northern wild rivers, glacial fjords and rugged mountain country, seeking out the unusual and the magnificent. We offer select trips across the circumpolar north, including Alaska, Canada, Iceland and Greenland. We are a small company, catering to a small number of special adventurers every year. We also offer advice to independent travellers seeking to visit these areas.

We believe the earth's wild places offer a path for balancing the hectic pace of modern life with simplicity and a personal connection with the land. Here we find solitude and silence. Entering the land on its own terms--accepting the rhythms of wind, weather, and wildlife--we encounter natural ecosystems uninterrupted by human endeavor, and experience the diverse and rich flora and fauna of our wondrous planet. We connect with each other in ways that are often not possible in our day-to-day lives. This is the gift of wilderness.

With alliances with some of the best adventure operators in Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway and elsewhere around our wonderful world, we offer a small number of exclusive adventures each year for the discerning traveler. We're especially excited that Iceland Air has added new routes from North America, so that trip participants can more easily reach Reykjavik and Oslo, jumping off points for Scandinavian adventures (and Scandinavians will find it easier to reach Alaska). Our scheduled trips consist of small groups exploring remote, often little-known places that are off the beaten path. Independent travellers often join our trips, discovering the perfect combination of adventure, solitude and companionship. We also offer advice to those who wish to travel on their own. Greenland offers amazing wilderness and cultural experiences. We're particularly interested in sharing Greenland with small groups of adventurers, as this country is now threatened by proposals for large-scale mining operations that would irrevocably alter both landscapes and cultural traditions. Iceland and Greenland are 'open for adventure' year-round. We can help you plan a custom trip to explore Iceland's unique geothermal features, Greenland's Ice Cap and glaciers.

Our 2016 Schedule includes some of our long-time favorite trips. Our paddling and hiking trips on the Kongakut and and Firth Rivers--continue to be among our most popular trips. The Firth, whose birthplace lies in the Arctic Refuge, and flows across Northern Yukon, parallels the Kongakut's journey from the mountains to the sea. It's just hard to top a traverse of the Brooks Range via a wild river. If you've ever contemplated a trip to Greenland, this could be the summer for you!

We are proud that National Geographic Adventure Magazine rated us as one of the Best Adventure Tour Operators on the Planet, including one of the Top River and Sea Outfitters, for service, education, sustainability and spirit of adventure.

Whether you are interested in wildlife viewing, bird watching, photography, whitewater, fishing, peak bagging, or any other activity, we'll share with you pristine wilderness and help you find a balance between activity and contemplation. If you don't see a trip that is perfect, please inquire, as we are happy to create a custom itinerary or private adventure to suit your group, goals, and schedule. Come share our love of adventure, wildlife, and beauty in such diverse locales as Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Iceland's Hornstrandir Peninsula, and Argentina's Patagonian coast.

We are especially excited to offer sailboat mothership sea kayaking and hiking expeditions along the rugged, near-inaccessible East Greenland coast, and packrafting expeditions along Greenland's wild coast.

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To reduce the use of paper products, we do not produce a printed brochure. Our website is a carbon-free, non-paper on-line brochure. If you want printed materials, we are happy to send you any of our trip descriptions and trip packets.

*Bear w. fish and caribou calf photo courtesy/copyright Dan Drost.

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